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Pecan Equipment

Multi Scale Weigher and Bagging Machine

Our System for processing pecans is a Two Step process.

First the pecan is Cracked then Shelled leaving you with Cleaned Halves.  

NEWThomson In Shell Sizer

Most people need to size their pecans and the NEW Thomson In-Shell Sizer is designed to size 11- under, 13, 15, and 18 +. This is a great starting point for larger operations. 

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How To Adjust A

Pecan Sheller

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Low Feeder

This Low Feeder is made to fit into a Fully Automated Production Line and works great to free up labor. 


Vibra Sizer
The Vibra Sizer is designed to separate different sized products and works for Peas, Beans, Pecans and a variety of other products. 


Pea and Bean Equipment

Two Bushel Pea & Bean Sheller

The Two Bushel Sheller features an all metal construction for years of durability. This allows for easy cleaning and higher quality production. Expect 10 - 12 bushels per hour depending on the product.


Continuous Pea & Bean Sheller

The Continuous Sheller is our top of the line Pea and Bean sheller. This machine allow for non stop processing and can output up to 30 bushels per hour depending on the type of bean or pea. NOTE: all peas are different and shell at different rates.


Used Meyer Cracker

Looking for a Rebuilt Meyer Pecan Cracker? Need Parts or Work done on the one you already have? This Automatic Electric Cracker cracks 80 to 90 cracks per minute.

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Rebuilt Champion Cracker

This classic crackers is designed for slow and steady production. It cracks at 50 to 60 cracks per minute and works great for the smaller varieties of pecans. 


The Vibra 2 Pecan Sheller

This is the Vibra 2 Pecan Sheller. It shells twice the capacity of the Vibra 1 Sheller and will handle 2 to three pecan crackers.The average shelling capacity is 150 lbs to 200 lbs per hour.  It also comes with the pneumatic air cleaner attached to remove the shell from the nut meat.



The Model 4c Sheller

The 4c sheller is a commercial grade sheller capable of shelling 500 lbs per hour. It is powerful enough to Shell Most Paper Shell Pecan without cracking them first. Like all of our sheller it is equipped with a pneumatic separator  and get up to 90% of the hull out. 


The Model 5c sheller

 The 5c is our largest sheller. It is capable of shelling 1000 lbs per hour and will easily handle the new air crackers. As well as 15 conventional crackers. It will also shell most paper shell varieties whole without cracking. All at an affordable price.


NEW Thomson Cracker

With the Heart of a Champion and the Body of a Meyer. This Top Quality Cracker combines the best of both machines into a reliable well built NEW Cracker. Comparable to a Meyer the Thomson Cracker cracks 80 - 90 cracks per minute.


The Vibra 1 Sheller.

The Vibra 1 Pecan Sheller shells about 80 lbs to 100 lbs per hour. It is adjustable to any size nut and comes with a pneumatic separator to clean the shell from the nut meat. It will remove about 90% of the shell form the nut meats to give you beautiful clean halves.


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VFFS Packaging Machines


We offer several add ons and accessories to pair with your products. We offer Stands for Crackers, Dust Collectors, Steps and add on wheels to any product.  


 Step #1 Crackers

Optional Pecan Sizer

Large Vibra Sizer
The Vibra Sizer is designed to separate different sized products and works for Peas, Beans, Pecans and a variety of other products. 


The Model 3C Sheller

Presenting, the NEW 3C Sheller. This compact sheller is as powerful as the larger shellers and capable of shelling most Whole Paper Shell Pecans. The perfect sheller for limited space with a large capacity of 300 to 400 lbs per hour

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Roto Sheller

Are you looking for something not quite commercial but still heavy duty?  Expect this small Sheller to shell 50-60 lbs per hour

Batch Weigher

Our specialized Batch Weigher is built to calculate the exact weight of any product, fill the bucket and dump into a container such as a bag. 


Feed Elevators

Feed Elevators can be used in a variety of production lines and works great for most products.


Pea, Bean & Pecan Cleaners

Our Cleaners use a pneumatic separator to filter out the trash. They can be used for Peas, Bean, Or Pecans and come in two sizes.

Recommended to pair with Two Bushel or Continuous


Inspection Tables

We offer a variety of different Inspection Table from Two and Three Step Vibratory Inspection Tables to the traditional Belted Inspection table. 


 Step # 2  Shellers