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Stand for either Thomson, Meyer or Champion

Price: $250

Dust Collection


Price: $975

Cracker Stand

Dust Collection System that traps excess dust during shelling. Comes with Dust Collector, Attachment Hood, and 4" Hose. Full system ready to go.  Can be retro fitted to any existing sheller. 

Stainless Steel

Price: $75

Metal steps for easier access during loading. 36" High and custom built to your sheller.

Dust Collection


Price: $150

Price: $1,200

Sheller Steps

Stand alone hopper with Syntron Feeder pan and adjustable speed controle. 

Add Locking Caster Wheels to any machine or stand.

Dust Collection Attachment that traps excess dust during shelling. Designed to pair with a shop vac. Available in 4" or 2" opening. 

Price: $250



Price: $650

Feed Stand 

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