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4c Shelling Pecans

Adjustable to any size nut,

Reliable Syntron vibrator,

Easy access steps loading

Extra Large Sheller Box ​Powerful Enough to shell UNCRACKED Paper Shell Pecans

Watch the 4c Sheller run UNCRACKED Paper Shell Pecans!

Larger Blower and Damper Plate to handle the Increased Capacity


88" H x 38" W x 90" L*

(*From End of Separator Spout) :

 Steps add 36" L  

Shipping Weight: 1000 lbs

Price: $6,000.00

The Model 4c Sheller

The 4c sheller is a commercial grade sheller capable of shelling 500 lbs per hour. This Large sheller is designed to increase production and handles 8 to 10 crackers.   It is powerful enough to Shell Most Paper Shell Pecan without cracking them first. Like all of our shellers it is equipped with a pneumatic separator  and gets up to 90% of the hull out. 

No Need to Boil. Crack and Shell Fresh out of the Orchard.

The Model 4c Sheller