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Comes with Steps to aid loading

New Syntron Vibratory pan for years of active use

Largest Sheller Box Runs The Most Pecans.

Heavy Duty Blower and Damper Plate for Maximum Cleaning


88" H x 58" W x 90" L*

(*From End of Separator Spout) : 

 Steps add 36" L  

Shipping Weight: 1200 lbs

Shells Paper Shell Pecans Just Like a 4c Sheller!!!

Price: $6,700.00

The Model 5c Sheller

The 5c is our largest sheller. It is capable of shelling 1000 lbs per hour and will easily handle the new air crackers. It can also handle 15 conventional crackers. It will shell most paper shell varieties whole without pre-cracking. All at an affordable price.

No Need to Boil. Crack and Shell Fresh out of the Orchard.

Model 5c Sheller