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Thomson 3c Shelling Size 11 Pecans (Natives) 

Dimensions:79" H x 40" W x 72" L 

Shipping Weight: 700lbs

Price: $5,200.00

The largest sheller box  in a compact sheller, allows for increased power and capacity. 

With a wider separator, the 3c sheller is able to handle a large sheller box and still cleans up to 90% of the shell out. 

The 3c Pecan Sheller has all the power of a 4c and 5c but half the size. Sitting at just 6.7ft tall and only 3.5 ft wide,  this sheller is able to shell most whole paper shell pecans and still fit in most buildings. It has a larger separator and sheller box than the smaller shellers allowing it to shell 300 to 400lbs per hour. 

3C Pecan Sheller 

T.I. Thomson Industries Inc.

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