Watch the Vibra 2 Running Paper Shell Pecans


No Need to Boil. 

Crack and Shell Fresh out of the Orchard.

Larger Sheller Box allows for increased Shelling Capacity  

Adjustable Air flow allows controlled cleaning. 

Price: $3,950.00

The Vibra 2 Sheller

The Vibra 2 Pecan Sheller shells twice the capacity of the Vibra 1 Sheller. It is designed to handle 2 to three pecan crackers.The average shelling capacity is 150 lbs to 200 lbs per hour.  It also comes with the pneumatic air cleaner attached to remove the shell from the nut meat and removes 90% of the shell. It features a syntron vibratory pan for years of reliability. Each motor is individually controlled to allow for additional cleaning cycles. 

The Vibra 2 Sheller

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50" L x 41" W x 77" H

Shipping Weight: 550 lbs

Syntron Vibratory Motor add years of reliable Use.

Adjustable to Any Size nut by turning the knob

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