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Ice Vending machines  bring  you a revolutionary approach to self contained ice manufacturing. Our state of the art technology is set to transform the way bagged ice is sold. Clean Ice is efficiently produced on site, on demand with filtered water & ultra violet disinfecting system.. Ice is always fresh, no waste is produced. By using state of the art technology such as weight cells and controller this self contained ice manufacturing plant allows you to set the weight of ice held in storage area. It also activates ice maker as storage levels drop.

Water Purification
Optional water purification system includes:
Twin tank water softener, chlorine filtration, sediment filter & ultra violet disinfecting system.
Water dispenser is low cost alternative to individual serving bottled water.

3 Moving Parts
It takes just 3 moving parts keeps this ice manufacturing machine virtually maintenance free. No chains. No sprockets. The competition has 12 bearing, 6 axels, and 5 motors.

1 year warranty against defects in material & workmanship
2 year warranty on the Icemaker
3 year warranty on the delivery system gearbox
5 year warranty on the compressor
10 year warranty on the condenser
Best in the business warranty with extended 5 year warranty available on the cooling unit.

Sales Counter, a PLC  (programmable logic controller) counts each vend.
Customers are guided by a 5 X 7 window with color letter display. Displays credit as money is deposited, or gives direction for credit card sale.
Mei 7000 & Mei 2500 Changer and Bill Validator make it possible to accept $1, 2, 5, 10, 20 bills.
Language option is standard equipment. Customers are able to request 2nd language on display with the press of a button.

Reliable Engineering
I beam frame, along with stainless steel hardware on the door to stop unauthorized entry attempts.
Wind, snow and seismic load requirements met on each building for all 50 states.
Building 35 R Value Roof 25 R Valve Walls certified for 150 mph wind loads.

Drive-up convenience - open 24 / 7/ 365
Remote monitoring system allows cell phone resets, sales and will text you with daily sales count.
All operations of ice machine are monitored.
Use your cell phone to reset or vend anytime, anyplace.

Tax Advantages
Check with your accountant about section 179 to take a deduction up to $250,000 on equipment for the first year.