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Packaging Equipment

Inspection Tables

Our Inspection tables can be used with Peas, Beans and Pecans.

Below are the different options available.

Pecan Shellers

We offer a variety of New Pecan Shellers to meet any shelling needs. Best of all there is No Need to Boil. Crack and Shell Fresh out of the Orchard. Below are each Sheller and their Capacity. 



T.I. Thomson Industries Inc. 

Welcome to the home of  T.I. Thomson Industries Inc. We manufacturer Pecan Shellers, Crackers, and grading equipment. We also specialize in producing Pea and Bean processing equipment. We have our own patented machinery as well as used and rebuilt machines from other companies.

Thomson Ind. Inc. started business in the 1930's as a pecan processing facility. A Need for quality Pecan equipment grew from that shelling operation and consequently we invented a pecan sheller which was later patented.  

We are a Fourth Generation, Family Owned and Operated business specializing in quality hand made equipment. 

Our Products:

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