Extra Large Sheller Box ​Powerful Enough to shell UNCRACKED Paper Shell Pecans

Watch the 4c Sheller run UNCRACKED Paper Shell Pecans!

The Model 4c Sheller

The 4c sheller is a commercial grade sheller capable of shelling 500 lbs per hour. This Large sheller is designed to increase production and handles 8 to 10 crackers.   It is powerful enough to Shell Most Paper Shell Pecan without cracking them first. Like all of our shellers it is equipped with a pneumatic separator  and gets up to 90% of the hull out. 

No Need to Boil. Crack and Shell Fresh out of the Orchard.

The Model 4c Sheller

Adjustable to any size nut,

Reliable Syntron vibrator,

Easy access steps loading

Larger Blower and Damper Plate to handle the Increased Capacity

Price: $5,250.00


88" H x 38" W x 90" L*

(*From End of Separator Spout) :

 Steps add 36" L  

Shipping Weight: 800 lbs